The world of smarter phones & dumber people.

The world of smarter phones & dumber people, is a video of Peter Chatham from the UK giving us a very powerful message. I agree with him a lot, and hope to start to limit my time on technology, and work harder at more real physical interactions with friends and family.


As silly as it may seem to some, this is something that I am beginning to have very strong feelings about this which is hard because I do still want to use all my networks. So feel free to join me on this journey to more real life interactions. 

Have a great day!


The video is only 5 minutes.. That is all it takes! 



Friday Favourite!

Todays Friday Favourite
This week I thought I would tell you about my other fav site/app that I enjoy using!

I have to say it would definiately have to be Instagram.. and not just for the food pictures! I love sharing things with friends/family instantly! Plus all the strangers posting away their lives. Seriously though, I really do believe that every picture says 1000 words! 


Have a great Friday! Have fun with your instagraming, facebooking, and tweeting ( why isn’t it twitting.. I like that better.. haha)


The Idea Room

Last night I started to think about all the gifts I haven’t gotten for people yet this year. I came across this webpage and fell in love with the idea of their Sugar Scrubs!

I attempted one myself last night, using some of their recipes as starting points,and then adding my own touches, oh my did I have fun! Can’t wait to stock up and try more!