New Inspired Creation Titled Pass By


New Inspired Creation Titled Pass By

Acrylic “Pass By” (12″ x 16″)

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The Power of Touch – Texture


The Power of Touch - Texture

I seen a daily prompt for texture and it makes me think of my pieces that I create using old puzzles! Neat eh?!

I sat out one day hoping to put together a puzzle because I hadn’t sat and done one since I was in college. I was starting with the outline as always, but as I was reaching the end of the outline, I was upset to find out I was missing edge pieces! I know right?! So when this upsetting news came to me I grabbed my glue gun and a canvas and set to work, this is the first one that I came up with. I have created plenty of them since, three of which have been commissioned! =) Love to create different pieces of work!

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