Sunday Still


Sunday Still

I thought this shot went well with my post from earlier this week about not smoking!


New Inspired Creation Titled Pass By


New Inspired Creation Titled Pass By

Acrylic “Pass By” (12″ x 16″)

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Inspired Art Creations by Nikki May


Inspired Art Creations by Nikki May

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X-men for the ladies.


Today's Creation!

Today, I needed to create. I haven’t created in a few weeks, so I felt I was slacking in that department, so here we are!
I have created a few things with comic books, mainly light switch covers, cigarette cases, and some other random things. I have been meaning to do a pair of shoes like this forever, seriously, since I came across the first link on .

X-men, Spiderman, Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn(my fav) are my top 5 comic book characters! Love them! I wish I was more of a geek when I was younger, no idea why I hid it so much!

I absolutely love these shoes. If you want to make yourself a pair, just Google search ’em. Plenty of people have created these shoes in tonnes of different ways and styles! Everyone making their pair their own!

Hope everyone had a great Saturday night, here I am creating things rather than going out to the bar like any other 23 year old in this city! Hey, I’m happy about it so who cares right?!