Has it been that long…?


Wow! I can not believe it has been 6 months since I have inhaled on a disgustingly addictive cigarette, and I feel fantastic about it!!

I seriously feel like this was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life ( Ya ya, I know it hasn’t been the longest life at 24, but still I smoked for 10 years!! )

I know that a lot of people struggle with quitting so here is how I did it.

My Story

I decided one day that I was going to try to quit smoking. It was costing me way too much money and I couldn’t come up with a good reason as to why I did it. So I started to think about it more and more, then I read up on some different stuff.
I started here : http://smokershelpline.ca/quit-program

I registered into the online community, where I was able to go through the steps and really learn about what smoking is, what the addiction is, and understand that it was going to be hard, but it was doable!

I took one thing from the program and it is the one thing that I feel really helped me overall! Make yourself something like this, have stacks of them, of create the chart in a notebook and start tracking. Trust me, this is how I started to look at my habit differently!


By tracking all the smokes I would have every day I was able to question myself, which is actually better than say your mom or even worse your grama. I was noticing that I was having a smoke at silly times, for no reason other than just to have one, I was having one ten minutes after just finishing one, just because. It helped me to recognize my triggers, what makes me want to smoke, what makes me have one or what do I like to have one with the most? Is it your morning coffee? While your driving or on the phone? Or just simply because you bored. Whatever the reason just write it down! I know you are going to feel silly, and also very dumb for smoking as often as you do for no reason at all, and to think of the money you spend.. yikes! 

After I got a hang of why I would smoke, how often and when was the most often,  or the highest craving times…etc I started to take the steps to cut back. I noticed I averaged anywhere from 13 – 20 smokes a day, with driving, phone calls, stress, boredom and mornings were my highest craving times. I took out different times. I started by not smoking in my truck, or when I was on the phone. Then slowly cut out the other high times out of my routines. I was still tracking all my smoking through out this part as well. I tracked until the day I quit 100%. 

I had to start finding distractions, replacements etc. You know these right!?

Image Well I took one of these and emptied it, I filled it with other gum, sweet tarts, other hard candies etc and it stayed with me all the time. Also, water, seriously, I still do it now 6 months later, I need my water bottle with me in the truck. Never good to replace your smoke with something else, but water is a good choice if you need too. 

Now I have a weight issue ( I can’t gain it, whether you want to call it luck, I call it being too fucking skinny), So the gaining weight when quitting I can’t help with, but walking helped me to distract myself, or just taking the dog out for a 20 minute play. 


I picked a quit day of Oct 2. We moved into a new place Oct 1, so I thought fresh start, perfect timing, lets do it!! So for the few weeks leading up, I limited myself. I started to put in the # on my tracking sheets to limit how many I could have in a day. I started at 10 and cut myself back every few days so I was smoking less and less. This is the same time I started to wear a nicotine patch. It helped with the cravings in between, ecspecially when we got down to 3 a day, 2 a day and finally 1 a day the last two days before quit day!

The cravings you will notice in  my story, didn’t play a huge part. I had my cravings, I had my bad days don’t get me wrong, but I continued to tell myself how awesome it was going to be when I got through it all, and I am so glad I did. I had an awesome support system with my fiance who helped me through every single step even when he is still smoking today! Hopefully he will follow in my foot steps soon but he just isnt ready yet. I was ready, and that is why I was able to accomplish it. If you are ready to quit, it is true what they say, talk to your doctor, get some help, read some success stories, and try it out, I didn’t tell the world around me til I was confident I could accomplish my goal so that I wouldn’t feel like I let anyone down if I wasn’t successful. 

Another tip, download a tracker app. 

This one still tells me to this day how many days hrs and mins its been. It has cool distractions and neat hints and tips to show you about how well your improving and what changes your body is going through ( in a good way ). 

I hope that my story can help people accomplish their own goal of quitting. 
Here’s to your future success!!

If you are reading this and you want a loved one to quit, let them know your concern, but try not to force it, or it won’t happen. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!! 🙂 


Fundraising Whattt?!

Hey Everyone! Who knows about the JDRF ?

Cool right?! 

So I have decided to take on a fundraising adventure from now til June 8th! 

For over 40 years, JDRF (formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) has been a global leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes (T1D), through both research funding and advocacy. JDRF’s research is committed to improving the lives of every person with T1D and to curing this disease.
I have joined a local team in my area to help raise money! I am putting portions of my art sales towards it, and I am helping out with an awesome benefit concert! 

I really like the idea of fundraising. I find we do it all of lives. Really it is like it makes us keep going to know that we try every once in a while to help someone with some problem of some sort. Its good really. Even though I don’t sound like it in my head as I read what I am writing. To think that we as a people continue to share and fundraise in hope for a better tomorrow, doesn’t it confuse you even further as to why we have so much war, greed, hate and well every single other bad thing we have in the world!? Seriously, I am a very strong believer in living your own life and living within your culture however your culture is happy living. I want us to be able to travel all over the world and go on adventures and discover new people and new things, yet at the same time I dont want to ever leave my country, my homeland, the place in which I have pride in. 

As a Canadian, but not speaking for all of them of course, I feel that I have a high sense of pride and for a good reason. Yes, we have our issues, yes we have made mistakes, but we are also a very new country, which stills holds within it an innocence. 

I found myself today even having a conflict about whether I would want Manitoba, Canada taking over part of the North Western part of Ontario or not. The stronger answer was that I do not, and this confused me some. It was still Canada? So whats the big deal? Ecspecially when you think about the fact that I have lived in Northern Bristish Columbia at one point in my life. Strange still as I think about it. Maybe it will come to me in the future and I’ll be sure to comment on this blog about it. Overall, I am a very proud Ontarian Canadian, and until that changes, because we all know it could, that is how it will stay. 


I am sorry that my writing is a bit all over the place.( For instance, where did the conversation about fundraising go? I guess its good, and everyone should get involved with something!!) I hope to get on a better schedule, and be able to perfect my writing skill more and more over time. Thank you for reading, and I will be back tomorrow to talk about how it’s been for the past 6 months not smoking after smoking for 10 years! 


Good Night Tuesday! 

What’s on your mind?!

Am I the only one that hates the fact that Facebook has this faded question in our empty status bar?

Seriously, you know that none of us really put what is on our minds and if we do, we have it covered up with so many “meanings” that it makes no sense anyway. If I really put what was on my mind everytime I seen that on my facebook page, I would have 100% no friends on facebook because trust me, after a while they just won’t want to hear it anymore. So why not tell you here on my blog a little bit of WHATS ON MY MIND tonight! 

I did work this afternoon, so I do have some pent up aggression from that. I work roadside assistance here in Canada, and even though everyone thinks we know how to survive winter through and through… THEY ARE WRONG!! wow! I can not believe how many people in this country ( really only one section of a province that my department even covers!!) For instance, why are you calling us to help you put a spare tire on in your driveway while your husband, father and son are there in your house with you? You do know that we have people out and broken down on a flipping highway?! I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone, the point for them is that they pay a membership fee and think they are the queen/king or the roadside assistance and we should have a truck for each member just sitting and waiting for them… It is pretty ridiculous to say the least. I know this sound a bit harsh, but seriously Canada, (south central Ontario to be more exact) get your shit together or I’m outs!

Speaking about leaving, everytime that Southern Ontario bothers me, the more and more I want to take off and go somewhere far, start completely over and just move on from it. Seriously, I am stil young enough and I know the man would love it up north compare to here because he has the same issues as I. I know that I have family here, and ”friends” but really friends can be made anywhere. If they are the good ones, they will still be your friend while your away, and the family thing? honestly, I love my family deep down, but I need to move on, find where I/we are happy and start our own family. So the more and more I play with the idea, the more and more I want to start saving up the money to make the move. 

Wow, I have said a lot today. I am pretty proud of myself, considering I have a bunch of posts again, hopefully I can keep it up. Feel free to comment as well everyone, I may not answer instantly, but I will!! 🙂 Have a great night! 

My Day Off

Today started early, actually, two hours earlier than planned when I had gone to bed. Today was my day off, and tomorrow when I wake up I get to begin a 6 day stretch! Woot! I’m actually pretty excited. I will be fairly exhausted by the end of it, but it won’t be too bad. 

I went shopping with a new friend today. Saved mega amounts on some new clothes/work clothes.I am super excited to get dressed up for work tomorrow. Am I the only person thinking this? I have a feeling their isn’t a lot of us. Plenty of people don’t go to work happy, becuase they are just going to work for the sake of having to go to work. I guess I am trying to make it as positive as possible. If you hate going to work, then I would suggest spending your free time trying to find something that you might enjoy better. Either that, or make the best of what you have. Like myself getting excited about what I am going to wear, is a way for me to get up and excited about my day in general. A great amount of The Beatles on Vinyl never hurts either!

So anyway,. back to my day. I also was able to see my mom today. She is doing very well. We walked for a bit today, and of course I had new flats on which gave me some lovely little blisters on both heels due to “breaking” them in.

The man and I had company over for dinner, and he made some amazing pork schnitzel with roasted potatoes, broccoli with bacon/garlic and med ched/applewood smoked cheddar cheese sauce. yum!! Absolutely amazing. 


Well my day is over for now, I have to work a weird day shift that I am totally not used to tomorrow. so that should be fun. 
Night Followers! =)

Get up & Shake it Sundays!


Now I am not sure if the ‘tight rope’ is an actual dance, but its a fun one. so turn it up and just let loose for 5 minutes. Just forget about everything and shake! Maybe you don’t like this song, thats fine, try it with your favourite get up and move song!

My Saturday


Today I did have to work, but we were not overly busy, so I had this blank coloring page I had found online, and I colored it in.. Obviously this isn’t the colored one.

Ok I wrote that sentence, and at first I had written ‘color’ two different ways, having one of them as ‘colour’. I know both of them are technically correct ( that and my spell check did not pick it up) but wow did it throw me off.

Anyway, my day was a normal Saturday. We started with a trip to the market for more of London’s Fire Roasted Coffee. Mmmm. We also purchased some pork schnitzel that I am totally excited for! After work we went and hung out at the studio for a little bit, and then home to relax.

Thats about it. Tomorrow is Sunday, and the clocks spring forward in an hour so technically it is already 1am, meaning I should really get some sleep. I do have to work again tomorrow, and this whole time change thing always throws me off my game.

I am trying really hard to not panic so much about my time, and really try to manage it better. I get worried very easily that I am going to be late, so I will probably be waking up a bunch through out the night. oh well, I bet the dreams will be interesting. With that being said, I shall see you all again tomorrow!

Night all!