My Day Off

Today started early, actually, two hours earlier than planned when I had gone to bed. Today was my day off, and tomorrow when I wake up I get to begin a 6 day stretch! Woot! I’m actually pretty excited. I will be fairly exhausted by the end of it, but it won’t be too bad. 

I went shopping with a new friend today. Saved mega amounts on some new clothes/work clothes.I am super excited to get dressed up for work tomorrow. Am I the only person thinking this? I have a feeling their isn’t a lot of us. Plenty of people don’t go to work happy, becuase they are just going to work for the sake of having to go to work. I guess I am trying to make it as positive as possible. If you hate going to work, then I would suggest spending your free time trying to find something that you might enjoy better. Either that, or make the best of what you have. Like myself getting excited about what I am going to wear, is a way for me to get up and excited about my day in general. A great amount of The Beatles on Vinyl never hurts either!

So anyway,. back to my day. I also was able to see my mom today. She is doing very well. We walked for a bit today, and of course I had new flats on which gave me some lovely little blisters on both heels due to “breaking” them in.

The man and I had company over for dinner, and he made some amazing pork schnitzel with roasted potatoes, broccoli with bacon/garlic and med ched/applewood smoked cheddar cheese sauce. yum!! Absolutely amazing. 


Well my day is over for now, I have to work a weird day shift that I am totally not used to tomorrow. so that should be fun. 
Night Followers! =)


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