My Saturday


Today I did have to work, but we were not overly busy, so I had this blank coloring page I had found online, and I colored it in.. Obviously this isn’t the colored one.

Ok I wrote that sentence, and at first I had written ‘color’ two different ways, having one of them as ‘colour’. I know both of them are technically correct ( that and my spell check did not pick it up) but wow did it throw me off.

Anyway, my day was a normal Saturday. We started with a trip to the market for more of London’s Fire Roasted Coffee. Mmmm. We also purchased some pork schnitzel that I am totally excited for! After work we went and hung out at the studio for a little bit, and then home to relax.

Thats about it. Tomorrow is Sunday, and the clocks spring forward in an hour so technically it is already 1am, meaning I should really get some sleep. I do have to work again tomorrow, and this whole time change thing always throws me off my game.

I am trying really hard to not panic so much about my time, and really try to manage it better. I get worried very easily that I am going to be late, so I will probably be waking up a bunch through out the night. oh well, I bet the dreams will be interesting. With that being said, I shall see you all again tomorrow!

Night all!


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