You never really know, until you try.

Wow, I never thought that constantly pushing myself to write something for this blog would be such a challenge. I guess you never really know until you try. 

I am trying to get some more ideas flowing through my head to write to you folks about. I know that I am trying to at least post something. Even when I just ramble on about absolutely nothing because really not a whole lot happened today. I worked 8 hrs, hung out with the man and a friend, shopped for lunch stuff… I had a bit of  a fluster when it came to getting dressed for my day. It seems that every single pair of jeans that I own have something wrong with them somewhere making it difficult to dress down for work when it has to be … well hole less? ha! 

I guess I am saying that maybe if I try to at least continue to write something each day, this will become easier, and more natural to me. As I was saying, you never really know until you try, so here’s to trying, and here is to the weekend.. where I will be working, but posting! Have a great one! Also, remember, clocks go back ? Crazy!!



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