What’s Shaking Winter World?



I know that not everyone is in love with snow as much as I am! Being a December baby, a lot of my firsts took place in the winter. 
Sunday is my 24th birthday, so I’ve started thinking about the different things I have learnt.

I remember my first driving lesson. It was definitely a snow covered day. I think EVERYONE should learn to drive in the snow, it truly can make for a better driver, or at least a more cautious one during the winter.  I was going to say that may be hard for people that don’t actually get snow like us Canadians, but hey if Egypt gets snow after not having it for 112 years.. anything can happen! 

(Photo Courtesy of http://mashable.com/2013/12/13/snow-egypt-syria-israel/ )

Really, the snow isn’t the issue in any bad views of my wonderful birthday month, not to mention the great holidays. I am not overly religious, but I have my beliefs ( I am sure a blog later on will enclose such information however to stop any possible confusion I’m more towards Buddhism than anything else), however I celebrate Christmas based on the family and friends coming together in ways they don’t any other time of the year, and the Santa Claus thing with the decorations, I just love it!

The bad part is the cold!!!!
Right now for instance at 10:14pm it is -9c/15f but feels like -16c/3f in my area of Southern Ontario.
I’m originally from an area near Georgian Bay, Ontario. Right now -18c/-0.4f but feels like -25c/-13f.
My Fiance (AJ) is from an area near Dryden Ontario and right now -28c/-18f but feels like -36c/-32f…
I would LOVE to know how anyone down south thinks about those types of temperatures!

Your body gets used to it I guess, and your pretty much trained from birth ( especially us December babies) to dress appropriately for Canadian weather. Plus that means you can actually enjoy the snow! 

I think I have rambled on enough about December and cold and snow… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Due to Sunday being my day of birth I can not promise there will be much posting happening over the weekend. I will try to post a few pictures of minw though to keep you a bit entertained! 

Later Gators! 



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