My Life With Pets

Pets are not for everyone. Some people have fish, cats, dogs, horses even, or birds. Why people have birds as a pet sometimes confuses me. Really! My grandmother has one, and I don’t get it, its really annoying. I love hearing birds in the morning do not get my wrong. In fact I love to also watch them fly around and everything, but do not keep one as a pet, its annoying you because it wants to go and fly!

I’ve had fish, I had a cat when I was a child, that wasn’t really wanted among all the members of my family so it was given away without actually telling me it was given away. One animal that has been a constant in my life for sure though are dogs. Dogs are something that brought a safety factor to our home, and my mom just couldn’t sleep at night without having one in the house. I loved all my dogs growing up. I really believe that they do bring a feeling of safety ones home. The way mine sits at the front window and just watches the outside world makes me feel like I will be notified if there is anything out of the ordinary happening. I love that feeling, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m sure it may be close to how we felt as children when we felt our parents were the strongest people in the world and could protect us against anything that came our way.


My fiance had Toby when we met. He adopted him when he was about one, he’s 8-9 years old now, that is in human years of course. The story goes that my fiance went to the pound to adopt a dog, as he started to walk around it was heard that there was a dog that had arrived 20 minutes earlier and wasn’t coming to anyone that tried. Curious, my fiance bent down in front of his cage to see if he would move, with no movement he went to walk away. That is when the connection happened. The dog got up and started to follow my fiance. It was that moment that Toby became a part of his life. Hes a great dog, and very smart. I had appendicitis little over a year ago, and Toby stayed in bed with me for 2 days straight before I went in for surgery, my fiance even had to sleep on the couch. Again, I love that feeling of being protected. Here is a great picture I snapped of him the other day as he watched my fiance go check the mail.
We also have two other pets in our home. Two cats. First there is Neko, the 10 year old lazy man who loves to sleep all day long. However, if you happen to catch him between sleeping locations, you can get some of the biggest hugs from a cat ever! Makes you feel loved! He is another member I joined when I started dating my fiance. He was a stray cat that lived out in the bush behind my fiance’s friends farm. When he was picked up, he allowed my fiance instantly to rub his belly. He knew he had to bring him home so that he didn’t get taken to the pound.


The other is Stuart. We have had him since he was 2 months old. A friend of ours had a litter of kittens (well her cats did, ha!), and Stuart was the last little guy who they couldn’t find a home for. As soon as I seen his little fluffy face I couldn’t help it. We brought him home and he was instantly attached to me. He is definitely considered “my cat” because he sucks up to me more than anyone! I love this little energetic guy! Only a little over a year old now!



This one below is him today when I went to print something, he couldn’t get by me so he went around and climbed across the table and the heater… weirdo!



Each one of my pets mean a lot to me, the help me calm down, relax and remember to laugh and play every once in a while. That and they are the most perfect companion to cuddle with! Besides my fiance of course, nothing gets better than that!



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