Let’s call it productive!

So today was interesting! I happened to go to bed at 4 in the morning, so with the fact that it’s best to get my eight hours, my body slept in til noon. ( Lucky me, no employment atm = sleeping in ) However, today a friend found a job posting for me to apply to! Yay! I have been actively looking with so far no luck since moving to a bigger city, so this inside notice was exciting. She was able to help me put together an amazing resume, way better than anything I have recently created, and its directed to this position specifically which will hopefully help me in the long run! So I will call it a fairly productive day!

I was also able to get some cool information about endorsements/rosters for drummers and bands! I help out a local band in my area, and we are trying to really push them pass the limits that they have hit, which means more work, more popularity, more, more, more! So exciting! Plus, I get to work side by side with a new friend and continue to grow a great new friendship! Been missing having a great friend to call on at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of close friends, however, I was in need for a new one, with a fresh outlook, and a little more involved with the things that I am now involved in during this time of my life! 

I suppose it is nice to have a productive day once in a while, and I actually am planning to have a productive week all together!

Fingers crossed about this job everyone! So hoping for at least an interview! It’s government, and I am a recent grad so here’s to hoping!! Have a great Tuesday Night, and please feel free to leave a comment or send a reply

with your thoughts, opinions, personal experience that goes along with mine! 

That’s life for today 🙂 

Good Night! 

 Here’s a cool shot I took for ya! 🙂



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